Ryco Newton-Block

Ryco Newton-BlockRyco Newton-Block is a comedy writer and stand-up comic from South Florida. And, since I’m typing this I’ll stop speaking in the third person. I currently live and perform in NYC.

My writing and stand-up is a mix of personal stories, observations, hypothetical and absurdist situations and twisted commentary on life. All concepts and all writing are my own; I pride myself on writing original content and discovering unique perspectives.

I’m an avid traveler, a huge sports fan, and a wildly mediocre home brewer (although I brewed a pumpkin beer from scratch once and it was amazing. My roommate drank them all before I could).

I attended undergrad at The University of Tampa and grad school at Florida State University. I worked for a corporate healthcare company my first 3 years out of college doing international marketing and business development. I realized early on that the corporate life was not for me, but despite that early realization I stayed for 3 years enjoying the safety net.

One night I was in Trinidad for a work conference. It was my third weekend in a row in a foreign country by myself. I had a mental breakdown and bought a bottle of Johnny Walker Black (which means I’m not poor but also not rich). I got hammered, signed up for a stand-up show and have been at it ever since.

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