Episode 3: Chaos

In Podcast by Ryco Newton-Block

In Episode 3: Chaos, comedians Ryco Newton-Block and Joe Powell bring you a collection of sketches featuring some of their favorite characters. From legendary Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, to the staff at 60 minutes, to Kid Rock. Chaos brings out the best in all of us.

Episode 2: Transfer Student

In Podcast by Ryco Newton-Block

Riley, a transfer student, new to Tampa State University navigates his way through the bizarre campus and wild city of Tampa. We follow his first day where he encounters prescribed professors, an overambitious resident assistant, friendly cafeteria ladies, and even a few exotic strippers. Tampa has the world to offer but can Riley handle the heat?


Script and VO: Ryco Newton-Block & Joe Powell

Music: Andrew Pellegrino of Ninehorn, Chase Swan of Ninehorn Read More