Episode 3: Chaos

In Podcast by Ryco Newton-Block

In Episode 3: Chaos, comedians Ryco Newton-Block and Joe Powell bring you a collection of sketches featuring some of their favorite characters. From legendary Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, to the staff at 60 minutes, to Kid Rock. Chaos brings out the best in all of us.

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A Real Life Commencement Speech to 2017’s College Graduates

In Questionable Advice by Ryco Newton-Block

I remember my 2011 college graduation commencement speaker’s speech like it was yesterday. And yesterday I was black out drunk. But seriously, I don’t remember who gave it, what they said or if I even listened. Actually, on my graduation day I remember being brutally hung over after a night of Four Lokos, getting drunk with my friends that morning, and then driving to the ceremony together in a minivan. Oh to be young.

What I’m trying to say is that commencement Read More

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A Day in the Life: Corporate America Part 2: The Presentation (two part series)

In Local News by Ryco Newton-Block

Part II: The Presentation

You sit in your car eating your Chipotle burrito, listening to the new Chainsmokers song. This is easily the most enjoyable part of your workday. The Chipotle workers screwed you again on the meat portion but it’s not a big deal. You just don’t get why they act like it’s their meat. They aren’t losing anything by giving you a decent amount of meat. Why do they always fuck you on the meat!? You refocus. You turn up the ‘smokers Read More

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A Day in the Life: Corporate America Part 1: The Morning (two part series)

In Questionable Advice by Ryco Newton-Block

Part 1: The Morning

It’s Monday morning and you stroll in late. “Becky” springs up from her seat to great you with her signature, annoying, high-pitched “Happy Monday!” You nod your head while covering your bloodshot eyes, and for a brief fleeting moment, you envision the oversized ceiling tiles collapsing on top of “Becky’s” sprightly head. Every office has a Becky. The weird lady who actually enjoys what she does. She’s the one who constantly Read More

Episode 2: Transfer Student

In Podcast by Ryco Newton-Block

Riley, a transfer student, new to Tampa State University navigates his way through the bizarre campus and wild city of Tampa. We follow his first day where he encounters prescribed professors, an overambitious resident assistant, friendly cafeteria ladies, and even a few exotic strippers. Tampa has the world to offer but can Riley handle the heat?


Script and VO: Ryco Newton-Block & Joe Powell

Music: Andrew Pellegrino of Ninehorn, Chase Swan of Ninehorn Read More

Podcast Episode 1: Mentors

In Questionable Advice by Ryco Newton-Block

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Mark Tuchabelli, a local Boston man desperate to change his degenerate ways, seeks out the guidance of world-renowned life coach, Tony Robbins and world famous novelist and author of “The Alchemist”, Paulo Coehlo. In the midst of Mark’s journey, a third mentor shows up. Tim Ferris makes an appearance as he hosts his live podcast, The Tim Ferris Show.

Mark is now surrounded by mentors and on the road to redemption. But not everything is Read More

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Fuck your Dog’s Instagram

In Questionable Advice by Ryco Newton-Block

You’re an asshole.

Yes you, person whose dog recently followed me on Instagram in the hopes of receiving a follow back. The fucking balls you have. The balls of a Great Dane. Isn’t it enough that I already follow you on Instagram, and that your dog is in every picture you post? Isn’t it enough that I already “like” those pictures?

Between your personal Instagram and your Snapchat story I know more about your dog then my parent’s childhoods. Your dog Read More

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The Imposters Guide to Talking Finance

In Questionable Advice by Ryco Newton-Block

At age 28, I find it imperative that I know how to discuss finance with my friends and peers. Please note: I did not say that I find it imperative to actually know about finance. I don’t. I know nothing about finance. I can barely calculate the net effective rent on a 12-month lease without my mind twisting into a pretzel. Someone once asked me to define amortization so I faked a seizure to keep from embarrassing myself. After that day, I swore I Read More

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The Man With No Legs

In Rhymes in Jest by Ryco Newton-Block

The man with no legs stood at the door

Put on his shoes and called his whore,

The woman didn’t get paid for sex

She had three boobs and two huge breasts;

She was blind and deaf with dark skin tone,

And when he called she heard her phone.

She told the man to drive to her place

So he walked to his car like it was a race.

The cop with no siren pulled the man over

Asked if he’d been drinking, because he looked sober;

The woman saw lights and heard the cop’s bell

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