Dead Jesters is the most popular unknown website in the world.

People often ask, “What is Dead Jesters?”

That’s a great question. If you are wondering what it is that we actually do, I would like to direct you to the “About” section of our website.

The About section lays out the entire concept of Dead Jesters. It shows our mission statement and our vision statement.

If you are currently on the About page and you are reading this copy please refresh your browser.

Now that you’ve been refreshed, please check out the rest of our website for hilarious sketch comedy podcasts and videos.


Ryco Newton-BlockRyco Newton-Block

Ryco Newton-Block is a comedy writer and stand-up comic from South Florida.

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Joe PowellJoe Powell

Joe is a comedy writer originally from New Hampshire, living under the guise of a Floridian.

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