The Man With No Legs

In Rhymes in Jest by Ryco Newton-Block

The man with no legs stood at the door

Put on his shoes and called his whore,

The woman didn’t get paid for sex

She had three boobs and two huge breasts;

She was blind and deaf with dark skin tone,

And when he called she heard her phone.

She told the man to drive to her place

So he walked to his car like it was a race.


The cop with no siren pulled the man over

Asked if he’d been drinking, because he looked sober;

The woman saw lights and heard the cop’s bell

So she ran to the man to check on his health.


Everyone close saw the scene far away

It happened tomorrow on this very day.

About the Author

Ryco Newton-Block

Ryco Newton-Block is a comedy writer and stand-up comic from South Florida. Read more...