WikiLeaks Reveals Gary Johnson Had Another “Aleppo Moment” and Accidentally Voted Trump

In Politics by Brendan Ellis

Last night Donald J. Trump won the presidential election in what is being called the biggest upset in the history of American politics. Some voted for Trump in support of the man’s ideas, some out of spite for Hillary Clinton and the obnoxious politically correct left, and one man, Gary Johnson, by accident.

WikiLeaks released the following hacked text conversation between Third Party Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, and his running mate William Weld.



When asked why WikiLeaks felt the need to release the conversation, one anonymous Russian hacker told us, “Honestly we had called it a night. We were packing up the office and celebrating Trump’s victory with some mixed vodka-vodka drinks. Then this came across the wire. We knew we had already accomplished our mission but this was too hilarious not to reveal.”

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