If You Don’t Announce That You Voted on Social Media, Did You Really Even Vote At All? And Other Voting Day Thoughts

In Politics by Joe Powell

  • Voting is great. But, bragging about voting is lame, because most people can vote. Bragging about voting was probably only fun when not everyone was allowed to.
  • If you don’t announce that you voted on social media, did you really even vote at all?
  • Should I place my “I Voted” sticker in a wacky place to get more Instagram likes? How about my forehead? Or nose! Oh Boy that one would be funny. No one would expect a sticker on the nose. Yeah, that’s the one I’ll do. But what will I say? I need to prove myself here, come on think! How about…. “Nose Excuse, get out and Vote!” Yes! That’s it. Wow I love that and everyone else will too. Now for the hashtags!
  • If there really are multiple dimensions, I wonder how the dimension where the economy runs on Bitcoin and where Gary Johnson is President is doing. Probably not very well either.

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