Local Man Still Waiting for Friend to Call Back in “20 Minutes”

In Local News by Ryco Newton-Block

WASHINGTON, DC – “He said he was in the middle of something and that he’d call back in twenty,” said an annoyed Nathan McGuire, in reference to a recent phone call he shared with close friend Kirk Sutter. “It’s now been two God damn days and I haven’t heard back! I hope that thing he was in the middle of was traffic and that he got hit by a truck.”

When asked why he was so upset with Kirk, Nathan explained that last time he called Kirk, Kirk was “getting into an elevator” and the time before that Kirk was “hopping on the subway”. Each time Kirk had promised to call back in “twenty”. Despite Kirk’s verbal promises to call back, Nathan had yet to be contacted.

Nathan went on to tells us that he would be engaging in the extremely mature act of, “I’m not calling him. If he wants to talk he can call me.” It’s an age-old act most often seen in fractured brother-brother and father-son relationships.

We reached out to Kirk to see why he refused to call Nathan back. Kirk defiantly said “Nate is so full of shit. I texted him saying that I was in a meeting and that I would call him later. I then asked him how everything was going and he never texted me back! If he isn’t going to text me back, why would I call him? If he wants to talk he can call me.”

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