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 Beautiful Spotted Female Boa

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Minimal Shedding
  • Venom Free

We are looking for a caring and responsible, parent for our two-year-old, 17-foot long female boa constrictor, Emily. Emily is a sassy little snake, full of personality. Emily loves giving hugs and makes a great pet for families with young children. Emily is a registered service snake, providing parents with the ability to travel with her.

Emily is a spotted boa constrictor of the Serpentus Giantess breed. She is venomless and eats only once per month. Please be sure to feed Emily at least 65 lbs. of raw flesh on her monthly eating day (next feeding day: 09/14). We love Emily very much and we wish we could keep her. However, our houseboat has become too small for her beautiful and elegant large size. Potential parents, please contact us at:

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